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No. 1 Steel Supplier Across the Midwest and Beyond

Leadership is our strength at Beta Steel, where we process bars, rods, and wire for the cold heading, cold forming, and industrial wire industries. We specialize in stocking programs, just-in-time shipping, and quick turnaround on short lead times, using globally sourced steel to ensure quality and value. 
Certified to ISO 9001, we select steel providers based on quality, price, delivery capability, and ISO 9001 compliance. With approximately 15,000 tons of inventory inventory available in our Sterling Heights, MI warehouse, we effectively fulfill the most challenging JIT programs

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Delivering Steel & Wire Products to You

Our carbon wire and steel wire rod inventory is ready to be delivered to you. Beta Steel Group has a significant presence in the following areas:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Detroit, MI
  • Hartford, CT
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Toronto, ON

We take pride in the communities surrounding our facilities, always mindful of our impact on their daily activities. To help preserve the American Midwest, we act as stewards of the local ecology and economies, seeking ways to make a positive difference beyond our business operations.


Our Products

We are a steel manufacturer and distributor specializing in wire, rod, and bar products for the cold-headed fastener and wire-forming industries. Our comprehensive product range caters to these sectors' specific needs, ensuring high-quality materials for efficient production.

Our diverse range of wire, rod, and bar products ensures that we meet the specific needs of our clients across multiple industries. We support our customers in achieving their manufacturing goals by providing high-quality materials and efficient production solutions.

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Check Out Our Inventory

Beta Steel is one of North America's largest independent CHQ steel rod and steel wire buyer, purchasing over 130,000 tons annually. We understand the importance of having a reliable, diversified steel supplier in Michigan for quality steel wire rods and bars. That's why we update our inventory daily and provide quick quotes, ensuring your orders are processed and delivered on specification and on time. Head to our inventory page to see what we have in stock today.

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Learn About Our Partnerships

Beta Steel prides itself on the strength of its timeless partnerships and affiliations, which help maintain the steel industry's health and vitality. These enduring relationships have fostered a robust network within the industry, ensuring mutual growth and success.

By actively supporting the businesses we work with, we contribute to a thriving steel sector and help maintain the high standards that define our industry. Our collaborative approach enhances our capabilities and reinforces the stability and resilience of the entire steel supply chain.

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Understands urgent needs without cutting corners!
Our ability to ship 97% of the items in our catalog from stock the same day of order would not be possible without having suppliers who understand the sense of urgency we have in preserving this service level to our customers. Beta Steel is organized to satisfy urgent needs without cutting corners on quality. It is safe to say Beta Steel and Kerr Lakeside Inc. are companies managed by like thinking people.
Five stars!
Charlie Kerr, President- Kerr Lakeside Inc. Euclid, Ohio
Elgin Fastener Group