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Cold Drawn Bar

Cold drawn steel available in round and shapes.


CFQ Hotroll, CHQ Hotroll, IQ Hotroll, CHQ Processed Rod, IQ Processed Rod


Diameters from .187" - 2"
Lengths from 2" - 20'


1006 - 1045
4000 series
4100 series
1100 series
1200 series


Pickle & Lime, Phos & Lube, Phos & Lime, Phos & Polymer


Packaged to specification.

Cold Drawn Bar Made to Order

Special Packaging Options for Cold Drawn Steel

  • Small Wire Carriers Under 4,000# Capacity; Standard 4,000# Capacity; Large Over
  • Continuous Coils on Carriers Under 1,500#
  • Coil Banded to Carrier (Over 1,000#)
  • Carrier Banded to Skid
  • Wooden Skids for Easier Material Handling
  • Plastic Shrouds, Plastic Bagging for Environment Protection of Product
  • Paper “O” Rings for Carriers to Protect Material for Stacking or Material Handling

Special Processing Options for Cold Drawn Steel

  • Special Diameter & Length Tolerances
  • Special Cast & Helix Tolerances
  • Special Coil Weights
  • Multi-Level Product Oil / Inhibitor Coating
  • Mechanical Testing / Requested Quality Assurance Testing

Questions About Cold Drawn Bar?

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Excellent Service, Delivery and Value!
Beta steel has been a valued partner for Diversified Fastening Systems supporting our raw material needs for over 25 years. The excellent service, delivery and value provided has been invaluable.
Five stars!
Mark Parsons, Sales Manager- DFS/USA