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SAFS Steel Wire – Spheroidized Annealed at Finish Size.


IQ Hotroll, CHQ Hotroll, IQ Processed Rod, CHQ Processed Rod


.070" - 1.50".


1005 - 1080, 10B21, 10B30, 10B35, 1300 series, 1500 series, 4000 series, 4100 series, 8600 series, 8700 series


Pickle & Lime, Phos & Lube, Phos & Lime, Phos & Polymer


Coil weights up to 5,500 lbs.
Packaged to specification on or off tubular coil carriers.

SAFS Steel Wire Made to Order

Special Packaging Options for SAFS Steel Wire

  • Small Wire Carriers Under 4,000# Capacity; Standard 4,000# Capacity; Large Over
  • Continuous Coils on Carriers Under 1,500#
  • Coil Banded to Carrier (Over 1,000#)
  • Carrier Banded to Skid
  • Wooden Skids for Easier Material Handling
  • Plastic Shrouds, Plastic Bagging for Environment Protection of Product
  • Paper “O” Rings for Carriers to Protect Material for Stacking or Material Handling

Special Processing Options for SAFS Steel Wire

  • Special Diameter & Length Tolerances
  • Special Cast & Helix Tolerances
  • Special Coil Weights
  • Multi-Level Product Oil / Inhibitor Coating
  • Mechanical Testing / Requested Quality Assurance Testing

Questions About SAFS Wire?

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