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BSG Form 138 BSG PPAP Waiver Request
* Indicates required questions

BSGF138 BSG PPAP Waiver Form

Dear customer,

Regarding the submissions of PPAP items on products and services supplied by our Detroit operations.

Please indicate whichever best addresses your expectations for PPAP document packages from us.

We have no need for them at all:
We have an occasional need but would generate our own using information supplied by you:
We would always notify you when we would require them:
We would require a PPAP when the following occurs:
We would require a PPAP at a frequency as follows:
Company Name *
Authorized By: *
Saving Lots of Time!
We appreciate Beta doing the EDI with us for shipments. We are saving lots of time and it makes the receiving process much more efficient! Thank you!!!
Five stars!
Ann Custer, Mid West Fabricating Co.