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  • When it comes to delivery of quality steel wire products, Beta Steel employs resources that get the job done. Our knowledgeable staff, warehousing, and processing capabilities give us a combination that customers have relied upon for over 40 years. These core strengths allow us to offer unmatched service.

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Beta Steel is a full service logistics steel supply group with distributing, warehousing, and manufacturing capabilities. We process bar, rod and wire for the cold heading, cold forming, and industrial wire industries. Beta Steel specializes in stocking programs, just-in-time shipping and quick turnaround delivery response on short lead time requirements. We use global sourcing of steel rod and wire to bring quality, value, and continuous improvement to its product line.

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Industry Insider

Take look at the latest installment of Beta Steel's Industry Insider recorded at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo October 23, 2014.

Beta Steel Web Inventory

August 24, 2015
by Global Administrator
For inquiries, call 800-594-9074 or email sales@betasteel.com.

Continuation of the Legion of Steel Saga

August 10, 2015
by Greg Barbour
Continuation of the Legion of Steel Saga
The Legion of Steel pulls off the impossible delivery! We left our last episode with Captain Carbon and the Legion of Steel challenged with fulfilling Metropolis Fastener’s last minute raw material need. “I must have the steel tonight” exclaimed Metropolis Fastener owner Jim Dunning. “Without it, my customer’s line will go down and I will have to pay astronomical line down charges”, Jim stated in a very nervous tone. This was a job for Justin Timely. During the day Justin is the logistics manager for Beta Steel. However, when called into action Justin transforms into Bolt - member of the Legion of Steel. His power for deciphering the most complex routes and modes of transportation make him a valuable asset to the team. His mind is a virtual map of highways, waterways and railways that crisscross the United States.

Beta Steel Web Inventory

August 10, 2015
by Global Administrator
For inquiries, call 800-594-9074 or email sales@betasteel.com.

Beta Steel Web Inventory

July 20, 2015
by Global Administrator
For inquiries, call 800-594-9074 or email sales@betasteel.com.

Creation of the Legion of Steel

July 08, 2015
by Greg Barbour
Creation of the Legion of Steel
To understand the Legion of Steel, you must go back to its roots and learn why the Legion of Steel has been called upon to take on the steel wire forming and fastener manufacturing industries most challenging demands. It all takes place many years ago, during the dark days of poor and inconsistent steel wire supply.
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